Massive Trading FZCO, is a family owned business. The family business has been in existence for well over 40 years, started initially in Iraq. With activities in commerce & industry, Real Estate, Foods & Grains. The company has expanded enormously in the last 20 years, which prompted management to make the strategic move to operate from Dubai – now our Head Office.

Since the year 2005 the company has concentrated on food commodities especially sugar, palm & sun flower oils; grains; milk powder; lentils and rice. For example & with particular reference to sugar, we managed to win the supply of a number of a sizeable sugar contracts, thus sourcing sugar to the now wide-open Iraqi market.

Our business, as well as our experience continued to gather pace & momentum & we had to source large volumes of sugar from main international trading houses. We now have an excellent & unparallel network relationship with many recognized international trading houses, that enabled us to proudly have a market share of well over 50% of the 600,000 MT annual Iraqi market.

Our performance is gauged by our market share. For instance to mention a few, we have 15% of the Palm Oil market; 10% of the Grains market; 5% of the Sun Flower Oil; Split Yellow Peas; Red Lentils; vegetable Gee; and milk (we have our own branded Landoz milk that is marketed in Iraq). Suppliers of such products are from Canada; Singapore; EU (Italy & the Netherlands); Newzealand; and Argentina. As for Tomato Paste; Mushroom canned Processed Green Peas, since the year 1995 we have also supplied regularly to Middle Eastern as well as European countries.


Technical Services:

Massive Trading FZCO is now offering High Quality Technical services that includes;

  • Engineering support for local water factories design / material selection
  • Sugar refineries process management and service
  • Epoxy coating for food industry
  • Valves service for various water applications



We are actively involved in supplying, marketing and distribution of a whole host of food commodities and products. We are able to provide our customers and markets, healthy food with high quality products that meet international standards according to their taste.


our vision is to be our customer first sought supplier of food products to build a business where customer feel we can meet their requirements & expectations.

  • Trustworthy and have a high level of integrity.
  • Commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • Improve team work & rewarding healthy respectable environment for our staff members.
  • Continuously learning and leveraging knowledge.
  • Effective risk managers.

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